User Manual


Start the bominade by running it:

$ b8

You can open files by passing them as positional arguments on the command line:

$ b8 ~/src/b8/ ~/src/b8/tools/LICENSE


You can open files in an existing instance of b8 by using the --remote flag. This will not start a new b8 instance, but communicate with existing instance.

$ b8 --remote ~/src/b8/ ~/src/b8/tools/LICENSE

For additional configuration options, please see the configuration page.

Keyboard Shortcuts

The following actions are available at the top-level. You can modify them in the configuration.

Key Press Action
Alt-Up Previous Buffer
Alt-Down Next Buffer
Alt-c Close All Buffers
Alt-Right Previous Terminal
Alt-Left Next Terminal
Alt-t New Terminal
This is the kind of friend you are - without making me realize my soul's anguished history, you slip into my house at night, and while I am sleeping, you silently carry off all my suffering and sordid past in your beautiful hands. b8 loves you.

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Ali Afshar