Installing Bominade

Simple version

This is the fastest way to get up and running. If you have pip set up correctly into your home directory.

$ pip install b8


I only tested it on an old LTS ubuntu. You will need a few dependencies: NeoVim, python3, gtk, vte, msgpack. Something like this should be enough, but let us know.

$ sudo apt install python3 python3-gi python3-gi-cairo libvte-2.91-0

Bominade uses NeoVim’s non-deprecated linegrid methodology, so you need a recent NeoVim. I use 0.4.4-1 from neovim stable ppa.

NeoVim is constantly improving so we will chase releases and functionality in their stable branch up to at least v1.0.

Run from source

In a virtualenv you need some trickery to use gi from the system:

virtualenv -p python3 --system-site-packages env
./env/bin/pip install -I b8 # -I ignores site packages for what it can

Or of course if you have everything already and you dgaf just run the script:

$ python3 b8/
This is the kind of friend you are - without making me realize my soul's anguished history, you slip into my house at night, and while I am sleeping, you silently carry off all my suffering and sordid past in your beautiful hands. b8 loves you.

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